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Are you ready for your exams? Do you have confidence to pass it the first time?

Try TestSimulator, you will find out how well you would do in this practice test closely resemble the actual exam. You will experience very similar interface, extremely difficult questions, drag and drop type questions, and the broad coverage of exam objectives you are going to find in the actual exams.

Unlike other practice tests, you will not have simple questions and non-sense multiple choices. You will prepare various types of question for the actual exam, such as long multiple choice, multiple select, hot spot, reorder, select and place (drag and drop). There is no simple true/false type question. All questions are created to match and simulate the difficulty of the actual exam you are going to have. There may be some questions more difficult than the exam you will have. There are also many tricky questions, however, with detail reference to let you know the true answer.

All references are based on Microsoft technical materials, highly reliable technical reference, and not from any other study guides. The accuracy of the question is verified to minimize your risk. You can count on our reference to understand your weakness to the objective of the exam.


Dare to compare!! Download a demo test and try it.




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Realistic questions
You will have the closely challenge of the actual exam questions you are going to have at the testing center

Similar exam interface
You'll be familiar with the interface in the actual exam.

Accurate, detail explanations for each answers
 Understand and improve your weakness to every objectives of the exam.

Cover and beyond all exam objectives
You won't miss the objectives of the exam and the related questions beyond the objectives in the actual exam.

Many interactive questions simulations
Drag and drop question type is one of the most difficult question type and may score 50% of your exam. Ensure you'll be well prepared for all types of exam questions.


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* Screen taken from Windows 2000 Professional TestSimulator demo

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