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x Chat Free is a private real time chat program for intranet. It is simple, portable, user-friendly and fully customizable.

Unlike instant message, it is a one-to-one real time text chat. Everything you've done on your side will appear on remote computer exactly.


Without the setup of a server and easily to fit in a firewall secured network, with the encryption and password security features to enhance both network and user security, it is ideal for most environment.


Most programs are designed for specific language only. Although the interface is English, its support is beyond that, it can support most languages even far east languages.

User friendly

You may access many features very easily with only a few clicks. There are also some automatic features to save your time / steps.

Fully customizable

More than 50 customize features are provided to suit your need.

  Make Connection 

  1. Make sure you are connected to network.
  2. The word 'Ready' or 'Local Port=2500' is shown in the status bar.
  3. Click 'File' - 'Connect' or click the first button. You will see the following.
  4. Enter IP address or hostname and check the port value that match with remote user.
    *Note* Hostname may or may not equivalent to computer name (NetBIOS).
  5. Hit 'OK' and wait for remote user response.