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Connect - Solutions for connection failure

This is a sample connect fail message:

Please wait: Resolving to IP Address... is online.
Connecting: retry with remote port 2501
Connecting: retry with remote port 2502
Connecting: retry with remote port 2503
Connecting: retry with remote port 2504
Connecting: retry with remote port 2505
Fail to connect to < : Port 2500 -- 2505>
Possible error: Invalid Remote Port Address OR Remote user is not in Ready mode

For the common error case, you may have problem of "Connecting......"

Even If you set the valid remote address and remote port, it may need to take a few seconds to connect successfully.

Invalid Remote Port

By default, the Port is 2500 (also based on the setting in Property). After you are sure you set the valid Port for connecting, you may still have problem to connect. It may happen if remote x Chat had an unsuccessful connection before and  the the original port address is closed. Remote user has to reset the port address to another one after it detect an error of the original port.

If this is the case, your x Chat will keep trying with the same port for a period (based on the setting in Connect Timeout ). Then, x Chat will try the next 5 ports to connect again until it fails.

* Check your connection status by place your mouse to the icon in system tray.

Remote User  Making Connection At The Same Time

There is another case of causing error not related to your and remote setting. When you are connecting to remote user and  remote user is connecting to you or someone else, you may have to wait and try again.