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Net View

Different from other Net View utility, it is not  only a program to display IP addresses and hostnames, you can also use this Net View to check your local network online machines by their IP addresses. Moreover, you can use it to check the a specific network other than your local network.

Net View is a utility of combining Ping, Network Brower and IP/Host Resolving.

How to use (Basic)

        Type IP Address and Press Enter or Click 'Ping'

        Click 'Net View' and it will show IP addresses of online computers in local network.

        Click any IP address after browsing, it will show the hostname. 

How to use (Advanced)


        You can drag and drop IP address from/to the textbox and hit Enter. (It can save a few seconds to type if you are very very busy.)

        Double Click any textbox will clear the text.


  1. Net View shows IP addresses of online computers not only your local network but ALL network you belong to. It may take some time to browse all networks.
  2. You may Click the menu 'Network' and choose which network you want.
  3. Or, you may want to check another network. You may either use the menu 'Network' - 'Specific Range' or type a valid Class C IP address of that network in the box and Hit 'Net View' button. 

        During the network browsing, you may Abort it. It will show you how many online computers so far.

        After browsing, you may save any info there by using drag and drop or Right Click or use menu Save. You may connect to computer there directly. (Net View is also a utility for you to check online status of remote user not on your network.) If you know the IP address of remote user exactly, you may use AutoConnect to check his/her online status every a few minutes.


        If you have a fast network connection, you may use the 'IP & Host' option in the menu. It may take a while  to finish if your DNS server does not work correctly.