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Sound Setting

Alert Sound

When you select Match your preferred sound with remote user, remote user can hear the same sound as your setting. (By default, the sound file is limited to 50k. You may change it in Advanced options)

In case remote user does not have the sound file, it will be sent to remote user immediately.

Customize events to a specific sound.

The sound associated with events are for local computer only.

Connected - Play it when it establishes a connection.
Disconnected - Play it when the connection is disconnected.
Incoming Chat - Play it when a user ask for your permission to chat.
Connection Error - Play it when the connection is dropped.
Internal Bell - Play it when it needs your attention.

You can play and stop by click the speaker button.

* Sound format support: MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, AU, AIFF and more (It is the format what you can play in Windows Media Player.).
** Although you can share music or video file by changing the size limit, it is recommended to keep the file size small as possible. 


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