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x Chat - How to ...

If you have used x Chat before, you will be familiar with this new version. The basic functions are the same. However, there are more features behind the screen. You can know more about new features by reading the 'Tips and Hints' in Help menu.

If you haven't used x Chat before, you will know how to use it in a minute. You will be amazing how easy it can be.

Step 1: Make a connection. Click on File - Connect. Enter IP address and click OK.

Step 2: Begin a session. If the connection is ok, you will hear a sound to indicate the connection is established. If not, you should double check the IP address AND the ports setting in File - Properties.

Step 3: Start chatting. Beware of this. It is not a word processor. You cannot underline a single word, edit the character in the previous line, or make a double spacing paragraph.

Step 4: Explore features.  If you feel it isn't fun for plain text chatting, you can bold / italic the whole text. You may increase or reduce the font size, change font and background colour. If you think your partner is sleeping while chatting with you, you can wake him/her up by clicking the alert ring button.

Make a connection


  1. Make sure you are connected to network.
  2. The word 'Ready' is shown in the status bar.
  3. Click 'File' - 'Connect' or click the first button. You will see the following.

Click here for detail.



Accept a connection

Steps to prepare

  1. Make sure you are connected to network.
  2. The word 'Ready' is shown in the status bar.
  3. Click File - Property, make sure your local port address is your desire one.
  4. If you do not want x Chat to prompt you before accepting a connection. Click Tool - Options. Select Session and check "Automatic grant permission on incoming call".

Steps to accept

"Automatic grant permission on incoming call" in the Session option is check off

  1. While there is an incoming connection, a dialog box will popup showing the incoming IP address.
  2. You may click OK or Cancel to reject it. Remote user will get a connection failure message if you reject the connection.
  3. Once a connection is established, no any incoming connection can be established unless you disconnected.