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x Chat Free 3.0

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x Chat Free - Free Intranet Private Real-Time Chat

x Chat Free is a private one-on-one intranet chat client in real time. It is simple to use and with powerful features. You don't need to setup a server or configure your setting. Once you install properly, it's done and resides in the system tray. x Chat uses peep to peer connection, no interruption from server down. Encryption, away password protection and IP blocking enhance the security issue of your private chat session. Combined with network resolving and view utilities,  file transfer, drawing board, screen capture,  auto-connect/notify, alert sound, auto-save chat session, drag and drop support, URL history, and many customized features, x Chat Free is most flexibility, functionality, customizable and user-friendly chat client. More detail

x Chat Free 3.0
Let x Chat Free speaks for you

x Chat Free 3.0 now has TTS features. It's not only just a simple text chat but with enhanced TTS voice feature to let you to hear what other type.

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Network Tools
Net Resolve - Convert IP address to host address or vice versa. 
Net View - A utility to show the intranet computers.
URL History - Capture all website, ftp, email addresses.


Encryption - Send data over 128 bit encrypted connection. (Encrypt/Decrypt)
Password - Protect the identification of you and remote user from using x Chat.
IP Blocking - Prevent some annoying users from disturb you.
Confirmation - Prompt you before starting a session request from remote user.

Text to Speech (TTS)
Speak - Let it speaks for yourself in your language.
Hear - It's not just for fun, but also designed for low vision people.
Voice  - Allow you to select your compatible voice engine to represent yourself.

Auto Connect
AutoConnect - Check specific users online and connect to them automatically. 
Command Line - Allow 3rd party program or batch file to access x Chat Free features.

Multi-Network - Supports multiple network cards, networks. 
Error Recovery - Detect invalid destination address and port number and retry. 
Self-Repair - Auto correct data loss due to overflow data.
Session Log
- Show you the time when there is a incoming connection while you are away. 

User Friendly
Simple Interface- Standard Windows interface with individual graphical help. 
Fewer Clicks - Perform any function without more than 3 mouse clicks.
Drag & Drop - Whole program supports basic and extra drag & drop features.
Mouse Wheel - Wheel supported in selected functions.
System Tray - Save task bar workspace by storing in system tray while it starts.
Save Setting - Remember what you set previously (in real time) and the windows positions.
Customizable - Provide more than 50 customize features through options setting or edit ini file.
Smart Save - Autosave all your content each session.

Drawing Board
Drawing - Interactive drawing in real time.
Picture - Send picture or drawing to remote user.
Capture - Screen capture and send to remote user.
Picture Preview - Capable to preview picture, select a portion or as a whole with zoom feature.

File Transfer
Easy - Easy file transferring with pause technology.

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rbytes Review:

Chat Free is a private one-on-one real time intranet chat program. It is designed to be user friendly and very flexible to use. It is a very interactive program and with many automatic features. Combined with text to speech (TTS), network resolving and view utilities, file transfer, drawing board, screen capture, auto-connect/notify, URL history, and many customized features.
This communications program is freeware, so you can download and use it absolutely free. x Chat Free 3.0 supports English interface languages and works with Windows 98/XP/Vista.
Latest x Chat Free 3.0 does not contain any spyware and/or advertise modules, allowing installing it with no worries concerning valuable information loss.
We has completely tested chat & instant messaging software x Chat Free 3.0 many times, written and published the interesting article and uploaded installation file (3630K) to our fast server. Review:
If you and your interlocutors are all in the same local network, if you want to communicate without any setup difficulties (like installing and setting up servers), but with a certain level of flexibility (much better than the «net send» command), you’ll definitely like x Chat Free.

Talking about settings, the program «just works»; two computers in the same network with x Chat Free installed can communicate with each other once the installation is finished. No servers, no complex settings, no different «modes» — simply install it and talk. But the simplicity in this case doesn’t mean the lack of communication possibilities. Besides the plain-text chat, x Chat allows exchanging files and even drawing images on the common board (where all participants of the dialog view and modify the same picture). This capability also includes «screen capture»; thus, you can just tell everything «see it on my screen». The interesting thing is that all conversations can be voiced (the text-to-speech engine would «read» it for you) and, the other way around, you can say something, and the program will convert that into text that you can send.

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FreeDownlodCenter Review:
Find x Chat Free as one of the best one-to-one instant messaging client within an Intranet.
Feel free to use this absolutely free chat program that has been specially designed for use within an Intranet. Free from server set-ups and complex configurations this tool just needs to be installed properly. With this tool you get the features to chat in various colorful texts, easy files transfer, a drawing board, screen capturing, notification alerts and many more self customized features. The acute two level security of this tool depends on 128 bits encryption and safe IP blocking that can block any unwanted chat session. The user friendly features of this tool are; its is enhanced with simple interface, functional in very few clicks, supports drag and drop feature, stays in the system tray, sticks to user settings and fully is customizable.
With regular updates x Chat Free is always implemented with new features.

Yippee Review:
This program is GREAT because it has a drawing board. All of the other features that every other chat program has are there (file sending, typing etc) but this program is the best because it allows you to respond to any situation with an appropriate picture or symbol. It is encrypted as well so no one can steal your can also block IP addresses which is handy. Very nice. Truly, the paintbrush is mightier than the key-press.

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All new URI Xtractor released for beta testing. - December 2007

x Chat Free 3.0 is released - August 15, 2006

x Chat Free 3.0 is in beta testing - August 8, 2006

x Chat Free 2.9 is released. - December 8, 2005

x Chat Free 2.9 is a hug improvement over previous versions. Although it has the similar interface, it is carefully redesigned to perform a lot better and suit what you needed. It is more flexible and more user friendly.

x Chat Free 2.9 is in beta testing. - Sept 14, 2005

x Chat 2.8 (Build 050703) - July 03, 2005

Download xchat.ini if you are not a English user (17/08/2004)

Roman language add-on (26/04/2004)

x Chat 2.8 minor updated. (14/01/04)

Spanish language add-on. (15/12/2003)

New and improved support forum. (12/03)

Solve Password Problem (02/04/03)

x Chat 2.8 and x Chat 2.8 LE released (31/03/03)


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x Chat is a private real time one-on-one intranet chat client or network communication tool with network utilities, file transfer, drawing board, URL history, and many customized features.

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