Step-by-step procedure for paying for products via Online Order Processing

1) Click in the field next to the single user license text for the software you wish to purchase. Enter the number of copies that you desire to purchase. Enter ID number in the additional comments box and click Continue to process. 

2) Enter your email address using lower case letters. Enter your name. Enter your postal address. Choose your country from the list by click once to highlight the country name.

3) Choose your payment method. Enter your card number as shown on the card. Do not enter spaces or punctuation to separate the numbers. Use the pull down menus to select the month and year that of the credit card expiration date. Fill out 

4) When you have entered all of the information correctly, click on the Purchase button. 

5) Write down transaction ID and order date for your record.

If you do not get an email acknowledgement before the next business day, please fill out our Payment Query Form


** The price of a single user license is US$10.