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Anti-Spam Policy

If you did receive junk email from, it is not actually came from this site but some spammer use our address for fake return address. does not tolerance any spam.

Spam definition: does not send "bulk mail", "advertising", "junk mail", "chain letters", "paid surveys", "contests" or any duplicative or unsolicited messages, not limited to email but also instant massager.

Anti-Spam Resources:

Email header info - Introduction to email header information and how to read the following section.

Fighting email spam  - Identify the truth spam sender address.


Beware of message with these attachments (exe, zip, scr), always use antivirus software to scan it before opening. The following examples "","","","", "data.scr" are very likely virus.

There are also many different junk mail filters software to help to to reduce the amount of spam. Some programs use keyword filter, public blacklist, and other techniques to block spam.


Last modified: August 08, 2006

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