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Child Online Protection Software

Parental Control Suite

The ultimate parental control bundle is available to restrict internet chat, as well as the number one solution for monitoring your children, spouses, or co-workers...for a fraction of the cost!

SpyBuddy allows you to monitor all areas of your PC, tracking every action down the last keystroke pressed or the last file deleted! SpyBuddy comes equipped with the functionality to record all AOL/ICQ/MSN/AIM/Yahoo chat conversations, all websites visited, all windows opened and interacted with, every application executed, every document printed, every file or folder renamed and/or modified, all text and images sent to the clipboard, every keystroke pressed, every password typed, and more!  Screenshot

ChatBlocker is the award winning desktop parental control application for moderating and restricting chat conversations! With ChatBlocker, you can easily setup time slots in which you wish to allow chat conversations - and when you do not want to allow them. ChatBlocker uses an advanced, low level approach to blocking chat conversations to ensure that they do NOT take place. ChatBlocker is your solution to monitoring and restricting chat use on y our PC! Screenshot

WebMail Spy is a powerful, discrete monitoring application which will record and store ALL web-based e-mail messages. WebMail Spy allows you monitor web based e-mail from services such as HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL WebMail, and many more! Screenshot

- As seen in Computer User Magazine, TechTV


Web Site Blocking & Filtering
Netintelligence lets you decide what you want your family to view when they are surfing the Internet.

Instant Messaging Recording & Monitoring
Netintelligence provides detailed analysis of the time, date, duration and with whom members of your family have been chatting using Instant Messenger.

Time Controls
This feature allows you to set limits on their usage in half hour blocks - perfect if you're worried that the kids are spending too long playing the latest computer game or if you use Pay as You Go Broadband! You can even vary the usage for different days of the week.

Netintelligence includes full automatic protection from viruses, trojans and worms. Through our unique partnership with Kaspersky, Netintelligence centrally manages and distributes the latest anti virus updates to you whilst you are connected to the Internet.

Email Protection
Netintelligence checks and cures both your incoming and outgoing mail in real-time. It even scans and cleans your mail boxes. Your email is always safe!

Computer Usage
Netintelligence provides you with a detailed view of the length of time each user spends on the computer and, perhaps more importantly, when they were using it. Information is provided in minutes, hours and days.

Application/Software Usage
Netintelligence provides you with a breakdown of the top applications and software used by members of your family whilst using the computer. This feature also provides you with a handy insight into the software programs that are actually used and/or installed on your computer.

Netintelligence has made web blocking simple for following:

  • Adult Pornographic sites
  • Drugs Sites
  • Gambling Bookmakers and casinos (online and offline)
  • Gaming
  • Hate Violence
  • Threats Sites

More than one Computer
You can load the Netintelligence Home Edition software on up to 3 separate computers and manage them centrally through the online Control Centre. Netintelligence will protect up to 6 unique users per computer.

On Line Control Centre
At the heart of Netintelligence lies the online Control Centre. Change your settings, set your policies, and view all of your reports from any PC at any time, using the online Netintelligence Control Centre. You will get an instant snapshot of all activities carried out on the machine, identify any areas of immediate concern, and drill down from a week to a day, from a total view to an individual level.

Netintelligence really does provide you with the information that you need to ensure that your family are safe and secure 24 hours per day 7 days per week. For example, you could be out of the country on business, and you might want to update the web sites that your children will be able to safely visit when they get home from school - later that same afternoon. Such is the power of Netintelligence.

+ Netintelligence Free Download Screenshot

- As seen on PC Magazine, Official Windows XP Magazine, Computer Active


Software4Parent's IamBigBrother 9.0 will monitor your children in Instant Messages, Chats, Emails, Web Site URLs and much more while undetected from the user.  We test many of these and this is the best low-cost product. Not only do you see what your child types online but what is said back as well It monitors both incoming and outgoing activity - no other program offers this feature! View Demo

Kid Surfer

Kid Surfer was designed to protect your computer from your children and to protect your children from unsuitable content on the internet. No more deleted files and messed up programs and you can feel confident that your child's innocence is protected, even if you aren't there!

Kid Surfer is a browser, (like Internet Explorer, Netscape & AOL). It is used by children from ages 3-12 to surf the Internet, but the children can only view hand-selected, "Kid Surfer Approved" Sites. After Kid Surfer has been opened, It cannot be closed without a password!. The child cannot access any other programs while Kid Surfer is open, and it locks down the entire computer, not even Control-Alt-Delete will work!

Kid Surfer Contains the best of what the internet has to offer children and peace of mind that your computer and your child will be protected from content unsuitable for children. The Internet is the greatest source of education known. Until now it has been out of the reach of children due to unsuitable content. Here is a small sample of what is available for children. Feel free to click on anything, a new window will pop up (,,, Nasa for Kids, National Wildlife Foundation For Kids, Nickelodeon, Nick Junior, PBS For Kids and more).

+ Kid Surfer Free Download

- As seen in PC Magazine, TechTV

Buddy Browser

Buddy Browser is a Fully Protected Special Internet Browser And Portal Just For Children. It has all the security features needed to protect your kids online coupled with the best educational and fun sites and kids content. Approved by educators!


A comprehensive porn filter software to protect your kids from porn websites. Anti-Porn filters out adult websites, which with objects not fit for children, and even filters out chats when offensive and predatory language is used. Anti-Porn software can auto filter out ten thousands of porn websites and you can also easily add in the websites which you don't want children to see. Besides, Anti-Porn filters out internet material by blocking some predatory word, and you can predefine special words, then, children can not see any internet material with those words.

Anti-Porn can supply the globe standard time, you can set the program to let your kids use internet at certain times on specific days. Anti-Porn keeps a complete log of all web sites visited, filtered out or not, and keeps the track of all material emerged on computer, including files, images, music, and so on. You can have the inventory of your kid's computer history. Anti-Porn has been a net filter for your children. On the other hand, adults, who with password, can surf internet unlimitedly.

  • Filter out porn web sites - Anti-Porn has blocked thousands of porn web sites and predatory words, and you also can predefine things you don't let kids to see, for example, web site and offensive words.
  • Limit internet access by day and time - You can easily assign internet access time at certain hours, even on specific day.
  • Limit internet chat - Anti-Porn can limit much popular chatting software and limit chat by web pages too.
  • Keep a complete log of the computer history - Anti-Porn keeps a detail log of all web sites visited, filtered out or not.
  • Record traffic data for an overview of internet use...

+ Anti-Porn Screenshot

- 5 stars


Almost every child, teenager or adult that uses the Internet will be exposed to objectionable content at least once. Pornographers are not going out of their way to keep obscene content away from those that don't want to see it, in fact, the exact opposite is usually true. Their main objective is to get you to look, and then keep you coming back! Protect your family from accidental pornography exposure. Install ContentProtect today!

ContentProtect is the most effective and flexible Internet filter available today! You can easily customize ContentProtect's settings to fit the needs of each member of your family. It is the only family-oriented application that allows you to manage your home Internet use from a remote location. ContentProtect can be used as configured "out of the box" or you can adjust the sensitivity of the filter according to your personal preferences and needs.

- Internet Filter Review Rates 4 / 4

Starfish Family Mail

Starfish Family Mail is an email program for family including young children, teenagers, or people who have difficulty of computers. Parents can create a list of approved email addresses or Friends list. If an email address is not on the list, it can't be seen by your child. Starfish Family Mail is a resource designed to protect your family members from outside intruders through your email.

  • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • Each account has its own look and feel.
  • Spell checker and thesaurus tools.
  • Strips all HTML code from incoming messages to ensure no rogue virus or malicious script.
  • Optionally delete incoming attachments with specific extensions such as .bat, .pif and .scr.
  • Additional authentication to verify that the email originated from whom you assume.

+ Starfish Family Mail Free Download Screenshot

- Microsoft WUGNET Shareware Hall of the Frame
- Paul's Pick 5 of 5 Stars Rating
- UKWare 5 of 5 Stars Rating


Whether your computer is used for work or pleasure, you can't always be there to monitor its use. Are your files secure? Are your employees being productive? Are your kids safe? Is your spouse having an affair? With BeAware, you can be certain you have access to anything done on your computer.

BeAware monitors activity by showing you exactly what appears on the screen as frequently as you set it to do so. BeAware is available for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP computers and requires at least 16 MB RAM. It's so simple to install and use!

BeAware records everything done on your computer and on the Internet. You'll be able to see web sites visited, Internet chats, email sessions, documents created, applications used, and games played.

  • Protect your children from child molesters and Internet pornography.

  • Protect yourself from a cheating spouse or lover.

  • Protect your company from unproductive employees.

- As seen on TechTV,


ContentAudit is a FREE online tool that safely checks your PC for explicit or other unwanted content picked up from the Internet. ContentAudit will quickly scan and detect the following:

  • Explicit adult material (free scan won't show you any explicit pictures)
  • URLs of explicit websites visited (visits can happen accidentally or on purpose)
  • Names of files that contain words related to drugs, violence, terrorism or other questionable topics

Safe Search Engines for Kids

List of most famous search engines and web guides for kids.

Yahoo! Family Resources Center

Parental resources center for safe Internet activities and related tools and websites.




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Last modified: August 24, 2007

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