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Get quick access to maps, driving directions, and aerial views through Windows Live Toolbar.

Popup Blockers


The Messenger-Patch software patches specialist Windows PC settings so that annoying "messenger spam" Popups can no longer get through to your computer. The software also installs a free toolbar to automatically block all Internet Explorer impossible-to-close, full-screen Popup windows. It does not slow down your machine like other applications, as it comes in the form of a "patch" that does not need to start each time you switch on your computer. Surf to all sites and leave without thousands of windows popup and reduce the chance to crash your pc.


STOPzilla maximizes annoying unwanted Popup windows. The new STOPzilla also includes integrated Spyware Stopper, Adware Blocker, Cookie Killer, History Eraser.

  • Real-Time Spyware/Adware protection. No "scanning" necessary.
  • Most advanced Popup protection available.
  • Integrated Cookie and History cleaning. Erase your tracks with one click.
  • Configuarable warnings alert you when an intruder has been stopped.
  • ZILLAsmart Technology automatically checks for updates on a daily basis insuring you are always running the latest version.

- As seen in Laptop Magazine, Computer Shopper, NBC News, SmartComputing, eWeek Magazine,
- Computer Shopper, CNet 2003 Editor's Choice Award
- TUCOWS 5 of 5 Cows Rating

Pop-Up Stopper

Pop-Up Stopper blocks every type of desktop and Internet pop-up and pop-under ad. It works for all web browsers, including AOL, MSN, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, CompuServe, SBC Yahoo, NetZero, Juno. With SpamWasher, you also got spam protected. It can report spammers in real time and protect your family from inappropriate email.

- The Microsoft & WUGNET Best Choice Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows XP

Popup Killer

StingWare Popup Killer can intelligently kill those annoying unsolicited pop-up ads, but it never interferes with your normal navigation. With its White List, our Popup Killer can allow the pop-ups from your trusted sites. By blocking pop-ups it helps you save Internet bandwidth and speed up browsing. StingWare Popup Killer is robust and easy to use.


PopupDummy! pop up blocker uses two methods to suppress Popups on your computer. The default method is by detecting Popups in your web browser automatically and scanning your system for Adware modules. This suppresses most Popup advertisements and requires no setup. The second method is by the user specifying window titles or phrases of Adware Popups.  This gives PopupDummy! the power to block not only web browser Popups, but also Popups coming from any application.

The ultimate solution to annoying Popup ads! Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

- PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award

Ad Arrest

Ad Arrest provides a smoother, safer and more enjoyable online environment and has established itself as the most effective and user-friendly software of its kind. Ad Arrest provides powerful features that it will actually help to improve the speed of your computer and enhance its overall performance on the web by up to 32%. To allow a popup on any web page, simply hold down the "Ctrl" key. You may instead hold down the "Shift" key to also add the web page to your whitelist and allow all popups from that page in the future. Ad Arrest will operate effectively on all Windows platforms (ME/2000/XP/95/98/NT4.x) and Internet connections (dial up modems, cable modems, LAN, DSL).

Exit Killer Pro

Exit Killer Pro - Anti-Popup & Privacy Software combines the Best of both Pop-Up Preventing Software and Internet Privacy Type Software in One Package at an Incredibly Low Price.
Exit Killer Pro provides you with a cleaner, faster and more secure surfing through the internet. Helps you to easily control many of the browsers' functions and adjust them the way you like.

Includes all Exit Killer features:

  • Cleans Browser Cache Files
  • Cleans Browser Cookies
  • Cleans Browser History
  • Deletes My Documents Files
  • Deletes User Selected Directories
  • Deletes 'autocomplete' site addresses
  • Deletes Windows' secret index.dat file
  • Removes Windows Temp Directories
  • Removes Recent Files List
  • Makes your PC run faster

GuardWall (Formerly Guard-IE)

GuardWall combines Pop-up Ad Blocker, Web Evidence Remover, and FLASH Ad Blocker.

  • Patent-pending Ad-blocking technology kills 100% Popups in Internet Explorer!
    GuardWall kills Floating Ads, Embedded Ads, Pop-unders, and more.
  • Removes all trace of your Web activity.  Cleans URL histories, passwords,
    and even form entries.
  • Prevents script-driven ads (such as FLASH) as well and many

+ Link: GuardWall  Free Download

- As seen in The Wall Street Journal,, CPU (Computer Power User) Magazine,
- C|Net Download Pick
- ZDNet Editor's Pick



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Last modified: April 17, 2008

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