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Webcam Tools

Cam Wizard

With Cam Wizard, it's possible to set up a multiple camera CCTV audio/video surveillance system with motion detection in a matter of seconds.

CAM Wizard monitors the video feed from your camera, sophisticated motion detection algorithms look for motion in the scene, our state of the art algorithms make sure that false trigger events are minimised.

After motion is detected video and audio is captured as a compressed WMV movie and instantly archived straight to your hard drive or network drive.

CAM Wizard features Time Slide technology which is pre-event triggering of video capture. So video recording can start BEFORE any motion gets detected. For example: if someone walks into frame then the archived footage will start some time before the motion was detected. An amazing feature, only found on the best and most expensive CCTV systems.

Cam Wizard also features a robust FTP upload engine, so it can be used to push live cam JPEG pictures onto a web server using the standard FTP protocol. This allows you to even view a webcam that's behind a corporate firewall, very handy for setting up an office cam or cubicle cam.

Cam Wizard also has a robust HTTP server built right into the application enabling it to broadcast live JPG video feed to the internet. We supply you with a static URL to access your cam page and remote view up to four cams from anywhere in the world using just a standard internet browser, very nice!

+ Webcam Wizard Free Download

- SoftPedia Pick

Webcam Watchdog

Webcam Watchdog is a powerful software for monitoring your house, business or factory. You can setup Webcam Watchdog to initiate high performance recording when there's a motion detected. Webcam Watchdog can also alert you by emailing you the captured image and play the alarm sound. Webcam Watchdog also gives you 24/7 digital video recording.

  • Enhanced digital video recording
    • Watchdog achieves up to 1800:1 compression ratio but also ensures the best quality for your video. Watchdog also enables you to record audio.
    • Watchdog can auto delete the oldest video file for you to recycle the hard drive space.
  • Motion Detection
    • You can schedule video recording or motion detection.
    • Supports setting up multiple areas for motion detection to have Watchdog alert you whenever motion is detected.
    • Email notification with captured images
    • Play an alarm sound to deter the intruder.
    • Alert you by phone
  • Signal Loss Detection
    • Watchdog can alert you by email or phone when camera's video cable or power cable is cut. (Please note USB cameras are not supported. However, this feature may work with most of the USB video capture boxes.)
  • Remote viewing
    • Supports most browsers, no need to install extra software for viewing.
    • Supports ActiveX and Java applets.
    • Remote Video playback by Windows Media Player.
    • Search video archive by data and time with streaming video playback. (no need to wait until entire video file being downloaded to start playing back.)
    • Allow adjusting Brightness and Contrast on remote viewing.
    • Allow turning color image to black and white on remote viewing.
    • Allow saving frames.
    • Supports zoom to 150%, 200% and full screen on remote viewing.
  • View archived video remotely
    • With Watchdog's built-in web server and streaming video capability, you can view the desired video remotely.
  • Authentication
    • Watchdog allows you to set up username and password to control the access to your video. It denies network access to visitors who do not have a valid username and password.
  • Uploads images to your web site
    • Watchdog can also uploads images captured by your webcam to your web site.
  • Keep tracks of who accessed Webcam Watchdog remotely
    • Watchdog creates log files to track who accessed to your Webcam Watchdog.
  • Captions
    • You can also put timestamp or text string on top of your video with this caption feature.

- PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award

Active Webcam

Active WebCam captures images up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB and Analog cameras, TV-boards, Camcorders and Network IP cameras. The program broadcasts captured content or from your computer or uploads it to FTP server. Broadcasting can be viewed using any Internet browser; no plug-ins or downloads required. The program performs simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras. Your camera / cameras can be used as surveillance system. When the program detects motion in the monitored area, it sounds alarm, e-mails you captured images, starts broadcasting, or records video. Live broadcasting as well as recording can be password protected that all video and audio information are scrambled and cannot be viewed without valid password. The program has features to place image overlays and date/time stamp on each video frame, and adjust picture size / quality.

  • Multiple cameras support. Simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras.
  • Dynamic IP Service, that gives a permanent internet address to your web camera whenever IP of your computer changes.
  • Time stamps captured video.
  • Broadcasts audio.
  • Supports Encrypted Transmission.
  • Records password protected video clips.
  • Performs Live Recording that allows rewind and playback captured content at any time.
  • Has features to control camera's Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.
  • Helps you to create web page for your web camera.
  • Records video when a motion is detected.
  • Allows to view recorded video remotely.
  • Sends you e-mail when motion detected.
  • Runs a program when a motion is detected.
  • Allows to define the active area for motion detection.
  • Creates thumbnails from captured images.
  • Has a comprehensive scheduler.
  • Checks the available space on hard drive and stops recording if there is no available space.
  • User name and password to control access to your camera and recorded videos from Internet.
  • Has feature to limit number of camera viewers.
  • Stealth mode makes the program completely invisible that it doesn't display any icon in the sys tool tray and it is not presented in the task bar tray.
  • Password protection from unauthorized usage.
  • Ability to run the program as Windows service that the program starts automatically at system boot and executes even when no user is logged on to the system.

Active Webcam Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

- TUCOWS 5 of 5 Cows Rating

Webcam 1-2-3

Webcam 1-2-3 enables you to put live video on your website with minimum requirement. It is small and easy to install. All you need is an Internet PC and a video camera. Webcam 1-2-3 automatically creates the webpage for you. No additional or few knowledge of programming are needed to publish your web page. Viewers can view the broadcast from Internet browsers without any plug-in. The build-in HTTP server also allows you to host the web server right from you PC. Webcam 1-2-3 also creates log files to track visitors of your website. The log file follows W3C standard and is compatible to the log format of Apache. Webcam 1-2-3 is designed to work with ICQ, AOL AIM, and Yahoo Messenger enabling you and viewers to chat online. You can also put text caption on your video with Webcam 1-2-3.

- WebAttack Editor's Pick

PYSoft Broadcaster

PYSoft Broadcaster is a powerful tool for delivering live audio and video content in real time to client computers. You can broadcast from anything that you can plug into your audio or video card, including a Video Camera, Microphone, CD Player, or TV Tuner. Users can view your content with Windows Media Player. No plug-ins required. If you have prerecorded audio and video you can quickly and easily convert it to Windows Media format using this program. To have an archive of your broadcasting the program has features to record captured content and store it on your hard drive or upload it to a web server using FTP protocol. The program supports multiple cameras broadcasting and recording. You can setup the program to broadcast from all your cameras simultaneously or cycle the cameras at predefined interval. A built-in scheduler lets you schedule future broadcasting and recording. It can start and stop camera at any time, and you can set recurring schedules for running daily and weekly broadcasts.

+ PYSoft Broadcaster Free Download Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


SupervisionCam is a powerful video surveillance system capture screen at your defined interval. When Supervision detects a motion, it can save a image, play a sound, send you an email, network message, start a program, create a HTML or XML document, upload images to a server and more.

  • USB video cams, analog cameras capture devices (TV-board), multi-channel capture devices with WDM drivers, DV camcorders, network surveillance cameras with integrated web server and more.
  • Support for more than one camera simultaneously
  • Remote control of the program
  • Capture images in a defined time interval or capture the frames of a slow motion activity
  • Rotate or mirror the source image
  • Support motion detection
  • A comprehensive surveillance scheduler
  • Convert images in a background thread to enhance performance
  • Optional network (LAN) copy or FTP upload of images and HTML or XML protocol
  • Customizable HTML pages with placeholders for captured events

- SupervisioncamCam Free Download Screenshot Demo

- SnapFiles (WebAttack) Editor's Pick
- SoftLandmark Editor's Pick
- 5 of 5 Stats Rating

CoffeeCup Webcam

CoffeeCup WebCam allows you to add live webcam images to your Web site  quickly and easily. You can use the HTML wizard to create and upload your own page, or add a BuddyCam page to your existing Web site and chat online. With CoffeeCup WebCam, you can also upload live images to several different servers at once, or upload images from several different cameras simultaneously. Visitors don't have to wait for Java applets to download to their computers in order to see your live images, because CoffeeCup WebCam runs the Java script itself. CoffeeCup WebCam also lets you create and save your own AVI movies, customize fonts for captions and date stamps, schedule your uploads. CoffeeCup Webcam also has a full-featured, motion-detecting security cam. to alert you with an audible alarm, send you email with the images attached, and even upload the images to your Web site.

  • Auto-Upload live images to your website
  • Connect and use several webcams at once
  • Motion detecting security cam
  • Sends you Email when motion is detected
  • Uploads a Picture of the motion automatically
  • Sounds an audible siren on your computer
  • Super-Fast Image Refresh Rates
  • HTML Wizard Creates & uploads your pages
  • Make a Cool Buddies Page for you and your friends
  • Upload to multiple websites with the Camera Cycler
  • Create and save .AVI movies
  • Works with almost all USB and parallel webcams
  • Uses JavaScript Image Refresh, no more applets
  • Custom Font, Color, & Size on Captions & Dates

+ CoffeeCup Webcam Free Download  Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

- SnapFiles 5 of 5 Stars Rating
- 5 of 5 Star Rating


Cybration's ICUII is a IP-based videoconferencing system for both the Internet and on intranet. ICUII can send audio, text, and/or a video image to any user on the directory, or to your Pal list. It includes buddy list authorization for security, and improved firewall support for home networks and offices.

ICUII is the perfect and easy way to find your friends without having to search through directories. With ICUII you can send a private message to single or multiple users, and chat with as many people in the room. With private chat rooms, you are able to invite only those who you want to access your room and even create a password for your room.

+ ICUII Free Download Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

- SIA (Software Industry Awards) People Choice Best Internet Communication Shareware Winner 2001 - 2004
- The Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows XP
- TUCOWS 5 of 5 Cows Rating
- Promaxum Seal of Quality
- 5 StarShareware 5 of 5 Stars Rating and Editor's Pick


webcamXP is a powerful webcam software that allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on your computer. the web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few configuration parameters such as server port and local directory...

  •  some features of this version :
  • very easy to setup
  • supports up to 10 cameras on the same computer
  • supports all ip cams able to provide jpeg stream with pre-defined settings
  • flash client module with images smoothing
  • fast & double buffered java client mode
  • fast and and very compatible javascript client mode
  • http server AND ftp upload AND http post upload mode integrated
  • generates and broadcast a gallery from your latest pictures
  • add your texts / pictures / animated gifs over the main source
  • real-time effects can be added over your the main source
  • automatically refreshes at the maximum speed if no limit fixed
  • no need to open an account on a website the server is on your computer
  • motion detector and alert manager
  • ban ip / password protect to prevent unwanted visitors
  • remote administration by the integrated HTTP server
  • detailed visitors activities / log files

+ webcamXP Free Download

- File Trial Editor's Choice



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