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CAD Tools


Affordable 2D design tool for data creation and secure data sharing that is 100 percent compatible with AutoCAD.

The key AutoCADŽ LT 2004 features including
- Optimized DWG File Format:   (Cuts file sizes in half)
- Tool Palettes:   (Simply drag symbols and hatches from the DesignCenter)
- Multiline Text (mtext) Editing:   (New frameless editor, which lets you easily view, size, position, and edit text relative to nearby geometry)
- Multisheet DWF (Design Web Format):   (Secure way to exchange drawings over the Internet with team members who need to view and plot, but not edit, your AutoCAD LT drawings)
- Electronic Viewing and Printing of Documents:   (Autodesk Express Viewer is a small, fast, free viewer with easy-to-use tools for anyone who needs to view and print to-scale DWF files)
- Digital Signatures:    (Digitally signed drawings can be verified for origin state, and nonrepudiation)
- Communication Center:   (Live Updates instantly notify you when an update or maintenance release is available for AutoCAD LT software)

+ AutoCAD LT Interactive Demo


TurboCAD 9 delivers unmatched performance and ease of use in desktop CAD. Comprehensive 2D power is seamlessly integrated with advanced 3D modeling in a familiar Windows environment. (Free trial available)

  • Over 250 2D and 3D Tools
  • Multi-Unit & Multi-Text Dimensions
  • Fully Customizable Interface
  • Local Menu Toolbar
  • Copy/Mirror/Transform Command
  • Workplane Intersection Display
  • Floating & Shaped Viewports
  • Multiple Paper Space



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Last modified: September 03, 2006

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