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Password Management

AI RoboForm 6

Siber System AI RoboForm is a free password manager and one-click web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence. AI RoboForm works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox.

  • AutoSave passwords in browser.
  • AutoFill passwords to login form.
  • Click Login button for you.
  • Fill personal info into online forms.
  • Save offline passwords & notes.
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords.
  • Encrypt passwords and personal info using 3-DES.
  • All personal info is stored on your computer only.
  • Put passwords on USB KeyChain for extra security.
  • Sync your passwords and safenotes to a Palm.
  • Backup & Restore, Print your passwords.
  • Save and Remember Online Passwords
  • Print a List of your Passwords
  • Save Any Form to a Passcard
  • Block AutoFill and AutoSave per web site
  • Use Passcards as Bookmarks
  • Multiple Identities
  • Multiple Credit Cards, Addresses, even Persons in Each Identity
  • Save Secret Offline data to SafeNotes
  • Available in many languages

Link: AI RoboForm Free Download Screenshot Screenshot

- As features in TechTV, NBC TV, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, InformationWeek,
- Software Industry Award People Choice Award Best Web Enhancement 2004
- CNet Top 5 Rated
- TUCOWS 5 of 5 Cows Award
- PC Magazine 5 Stars Award


You could remember just ONE password that gave you access to ALL your web accounts without compromising security. You could bring up a menu of your web accounts and simply logon to any of them with a mouse click You do NOT need to change your individual website passwords, AccountLogon will remember them and fill them in for you. You will NEVER have to type another password again, therefore reducing the risk of your passwords being stolen by keyboard loggers and malicious viruses! Strong encryption (3 times the strength of internet banking) and many other security features will protect your details from Identity Theft. Logon to your web accounts with just 1 click. Now you can have ONE password that lets you logon to any of your web accounts with just 1 click.

Link: AccountLogon Free Download

- TUCOWS 5 Cows Rating
- SofoTex 5 Star Rating
- WUGNET Shareware of the Hall


Save all your passwords in a single password list. Strong encryption algorithms, like BlowFish and Rijndael, restrict other user's access to your passwords! You can access your passwords at any time, thanks to the intelligent and easy functions of Password Depot. Create uncrackable passwords with the integrated password generator: instead of passwords like "sweetheart" or "John", which can both be cracked in a few minutes, you now use passwords like "g\/:1bmV5T$x_sb}8T4@CN?\A:y:Cwe-k)mUpHiJu:0md7p@<i" (with a 1-GHz-Pentium-PC, it takes approx. 307 years to guess this password!). You don't have to remember these uncrackable passwords! You can insert them per mouse click or drag & drop. With only a few steps, your passwords can be protected and made accessible at any time

- TUCOWS 5 Cows Award
- WebAttack Editor's Pick

Password Pal

Password Pal keeps track of all those pesky passwords you need for the Internet, online services, financial sites, and other secure sites and programs. Point and Click your way onto your favorite sites faster than typing.

Passphrase Keeper

Personal Security has become a major issue on the Internet. Almost everywhere you go, you have to enter a user name or password to gain entrance. That means that you end up having dozens of different user names and passwords that you have to keep track of for your Web sites, dial-up networking connections, financial software, and e-mail programs.




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Last modified: September 03, 2006

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