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Time Synchronization


- Maintains computer system to Atomic Clock accuracy
- Assures accurate data and time stamps
- Display 24 time zones simultaneously
- Search major cities worldwide for their correct time
- Access the internet eNetCenter knowledge base of information and MarketPalace Mall
- View and search the list of cities within a specified time zone
- Add an unlisted city to a specified time zone
- Adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
- Sets and calibrates the time on most peer-to-peer networks
- Autoset the time using the Internet Atomic Clock or by automatic dial-up
- Synchronize schedules and contacts between time zones
- Direct Internet, browser, and e-mail connections

Atom Timer

This enhanced alarm clock offers two fantastic features. First, it is atomic clock software, which means it updates your computer's system clock using the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic time servers (NIST server). You can synchronize your system clock with these atomic time servers. Second, Atom Timer offers a computer alarm clock with a mp3 alarm clock. It's convenient to set up the alarm to use mp3, wav, midi files, and more. You can also set a timer to automatically shutdown your computer at a specified time.

- TUCOWS 5 of 5 Cows Award

Atomic TimeSync

Atomic TimeSync is to set your system clock as accurately as possible, with a little help from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).



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Last modified: September 03, 2006

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