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Macro Magic

Macro Magic provides you with unlimited ways to snuff-out all of your repetitive tasks. Instantly record anything you do with your mouse or keyboard, turn it into a macro, and then run it with the press of a key! Has powerful easy to use features that will simplify and accelerate everything you do in Windows and even DOS. Use its extensive visual tool palette to launch and control programs, access and navigate web sites, soup-up your e-mail responses, automate data entry, access all of those buried menu options that you can never remember, and even schedule macros to run unattended using Windows Task Scheduler. Automatically respond to any window with preset actions such as typing your password or pressing a button, etc. Full secure network sharing and administration built-in.

- Consistently rated as the #1 macro program (Windows Magazine - Best of Class: Utilities and Enhancements, June '98)
- ZDNet Editor's Pick
- WebAttack Editor's Pick

ME Independence

ME INDEPENDENCE is a powerful yet easy-to-use graphics interface, and auto manipulation software package for industrial, office, or personal automation. It could communicate with interface I/O by Modem, COM Port, Ethernet, or other hardware devices. Typical ME INDEPENDENCE is self operated software for Independence PC System. It enables users to create a Self Operated Automation System which combined macros with Website Monitor, Wake On LAN, Compress ZIP file, Scripts, and low level I/O interface functions.

+ ME Independence Free Download

ME Desktop Operation Sensor

Designed for scalability and integration between machine and supervisory levels, ME DOSensor could allows user to trigger and monitor many window processes at the same time (Real Time Synchronization). ME DOSensor is an HMI for supervisory-level monitoring and control applications. It has a distributed and scalable architecture that supports distributed plug & play sensor applications, giving maximum control over information everywhere you want it.

+ ME Desktop Operation Sensor Free Download ME DOSensor Screenshot


NetMailBot is the most powerful command line email application on the market today. It runs from a DOS command prompt, which allows it to be easily called from other applications to send, receive and auto-reply. In fact, customers run NetMailBot from existing applications to send email notices, invoices, statements, and research reports to their customers. Other customers use NetMailBot to launch profitable email marketing campaigns using their in-house databases of email addresses. NetMailBot features include: mail merge with any ODBC compliant database, import email addresses from a database (Excel, Access, SQL Server, etc.), send multiple attachments, send HTML formatted email with embedded images, ZIP compression, dynamic attachments, schedule automate sending and receiving, and ability to monitor a directory for changes and send those files as attachments. NetMailBot has been performance tested internally and by our clients to send out an average of 10,000 emails per hour.

- As seen in MSDN Magazine, SD Times

iOpus Internet Macros

Surfing the Web is fun, but many tasks are repetitious: Check on the same sites everyday, log in to various services, remembering passwords or testing your own web site. Internet Macros can do all that for you! You record it once, and can replay it with one mouse click. Internet Macros can display slide shows of web sites, fill out forms, click buttons, clean the browser and much more. As often as you need it. For web professionals, Internet Macros also supports command line options. This allows your PC to surf completely unattended: Repetition is unavoidable, but you can get around it. Let iOpus Internet Macros take over the boring part of web surfing, and save your precious time for the fun part.

+ iOpus Internet Macros Demo 1  Demo 2

- 'Affordable automation software with unique features and super functionality' Reviews on, NetworkWorldFusion,, and ZDNet.

HomeSeer Automation Software

One of the most flexible home automation software programs available, HomeSeer offers control of X10 and IR devices, voice recognition and access to your home through the Internet.



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Last modified: September 03, 2006

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