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  Frequency Asked Questions

You are using non-English OS. You type a message but you could not see your message. You resize the window and two (local and remote) windows becomes one.

Reason: These problem is caused by the incorrect font size. The default font size is 12.25. However, the non-English OS may read it as 1225, which is way too big for the system to display. Even when you resize window, the local window will adjust the size to display the big font.

Solution: Just go to Tools - Options - Font and choose a 12 or 14 font size.

Why I got password even if I didn't setup a password? (all)

Reason #1: The encryption of password is based on your date setting of your computer. By default, the date format setting is dd/mm/yy (Canada/U.K.). If you are using different date format, you will get a password decryption problem.

Reason #2: The initial file (xchat.ini) is corrupted or it is not the correct version.

Solution #1: You have to edit xchat.ini file and change the Password Saved date format to match yours, e.g. 12/03/2003 -> 03/12/2003.

Solution #2: Delete both Password Saved and Level Password data. When you start the program, enter xdrowssaPon as password. Go to Tool - Security and to rest the password to empty.

Solution #3: Download a revised xchat.ini which has Password Saved = 01/01/2003, which it should solve the locale problem.

Solution #4: You can add/edit "Override Password=1" to override any password settings. Password security has no effect until you remove this key.

The program asks for COMDLG32.OCX, TABCTL32.OCX or RICHTX32.OCX. Where do I get these files? (x Chat v2.8, x Reader v1.2)

You can download these files from v2.5 package.

Copy this file to Windows\System folder if you are running 9x\Me Or Copy this file to Winnt\System32 folder if you are running 2000\XP.

In the command prompt,



These are shared files with other applications. It is not recommended to remove this file unless you are running out of space. You have to un-register this file before delete this file. (REGSVR32.EXE -U COMDLG32.OCX) The only exception file is PC1_CONTROL.OCX, it is required by x Chat only. However, you still have to un-register it before removing it..

How do I convert between x Chat LE and full version? (v2.8)

You have to edit xchat.ini file and change LE=1 for LE version or LE=0 for full version.

When I input foreign language into x Chat, it appears as '?'. Why? (All versions)

x Chat does not support Windows 2000 Multilingual UNICODE feature. However, you may try to use third-party language program to input and view.

Can I upload this program to my home page? (All versions)

Sure. It is recommended (but not required) to put a link to x Chat Homepage, there will be  the regular update, bugs fixed posted.

Does everyone that I want to chat via this program have to download it? (All versions)

Yes. See below "How to use x Chat". x Chat is not compatible with other chat program or previous version of x Chat because of the new advanced features implemented.

x Chat does not recognize more than one modem/network card!? (v2.0 - v.2.5)

See NICS. The new x Chat 2.5 supports that.

How do I know the IP address of the person I want to chat with? (All versions)

See Dynamic IP.


You may find answer for other problems in Known Problem and ISSUE.TXT in your x Chat folder.


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