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Network Tools

Net Resolve - Convert IP address to host address or vice versa. 
Net View - A utility to show the intranet computers.
URL History - Capture all website, ftp, email addresses.


Encryption - Send data over 128 bit encrypted connection. (Encrypt/Decrypt)
Password - Two levels password protection to make sure the identification of you and remote user from using x Chat.
IP Blocking - Prevent some annoying users from disturb you.
Confirmation - Prompt you before starting a session request from remote user.


Text to Speech (TTS)

Speak - Let it speaks for yourself in your language.
Hear - It's not just for fun, but also designed for low vision people.
Voice  - Allow you to select your (SAPI 4.0) compatible voice engine to represent yourself.

Auto Connect

AutoConnect - Check specific users online and connect to them automatically.
Command Line - Allow 3rd party program to launch x Chat with specific address as parameter.


Multi-Network - Supports multiple network cards, networks. 
Error Recovery - Detect invalid destination address and port number and retry. 
Self-Repair - Auto correct data loss due to overflow data.
Session Log - Show you the time when there is a incoming connection while you are away. 

User Friendly

Simple Interface- Standard Windows interface with individual graphical help. 
Few Clicks - Perform any function without more than 3 mouse clicks.
Drag & Drop - Whole program supports basic and extra drag & drop features.
System Tray - Save task bar workspace by storing in system tray while it starts.
Save Setting - Remember what you set previously (in real time) and the windows positions.
Customable - Provide more than 50 customize features through setting or edit ini file.
Smart Save - Autosave all your content each session.

Drawing Board

Drawing - Interactive drawing in real time.
Picture - Send picture or drawing to remote user.
Capture - Screen capture and send to remote user.
Picture Preview - Capable to preview picture, select a portion or as a whole with zoom feature.

File Transfer

Easy - Easy file transferring with pause technology.

Chat Viewer

x Reader - An additional program for comparing two text files together and reading x Chat record.



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