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x Chat Free 3.0 (August 2006)

- *New: Voice Text to Speech support (WYHIWOG - What you hear is what other get)
- *New: Command line can now support input strings, commands.
- New: Message history in drawing board.
- Improved: New chat history in drawing board.
- Improved: Chat record now saved as message format (SmartSave).
- Improved: Allow third-party utility to interact with x Chat Free.
- Bug Fixed: White list and bad list IP address Settings error or crash if safeip.txt or badip.txt files are missing.
- Bug Fixed: Password error fixed. Encrypted password string will be initialized the first time based on your locale systems.
- Bug Fixed: Shut down errors are totally fixed.
- Bug Fixed: Splash screen should not shown when selected minimize at startup.
- Bug Fixed: Lost focus when enter space or enter key the first time.
- Bug Fixed: Lost focus after it is connected.

x Chat Free 2.9 - December, 2005

- *New: SmartSave - Each session will be saved automatically.
- *New: Powerful screen and image capture and preview utility.
- *Improved: Redesigned drawing tools with same interface but with new and improved features.
- New: Mouse Wheel is supported in selected functions.
- New: As the name stated...... Free!
- Improved: Extreme fast speed of image exchange in drawing board.
- Improved: Fine tuned network connection in extreme condition.
- Improved: More flexible. Support more multimedia file format (MP3, JPG and more).
- Improved: More intelligent. Detect user's action and reflect on other side.
- Improved: More friendly. On click to resolve winsock socket error.
- Improved: Support international regional settings
- Improved: Support more drag and drag ops.
- Bug Fixed: Pause may not work correctly in File Transferring
- Bug Fixed: Strange mouse behaviour in Net View is fixed.
- Bug Fixed: URL History can detect all incoming and outgoing URLs in order.
- Bug Fixed: All possible shut down errors are fixed.
- Bug Fixed: Some IP / hostname address cannot be resolved properly.

x Chat 2.8 (Build 050703) - July 03, 2005
- Bug fixed: Remote hostname not updated when making a new connection

x Chat 2.8 (Build 040817) - August 17, 2004
Bug fixed: Font size error for non English user

x Chat 2.8 (Build 040116) - January 16, 2004
- Improved: Better support multilingual interface

x Chat 2.8 (Build 030401) Repackaged - April 09, 2003
- Bug fixed: Comdlg32.ocx, Tabctl32.ocx and Richtx32.ocx are missing.

x Chat 2.8 (Build 030401) - April 01, 2003
- Bug fixed: Password problem caused by incorrect date format

x Chat 2.8 (Build 030330) Release - April 2003
[Do not compatible with previous versions. Previous user could upgrade to x Chat LE.]
- New: Limit overflow data cycle
- New: Self-repair option to repair mismatch characters according to previous positions
- New: Option to open file immediately after received
- New: Improve URL recognition of https, ftp, news, mailto
- New: Permanent toolbar setting
- New: Command line support for existing running program (instead of new instance of the program)
- *Improved: Improve transmission performance of ASCII text, and control keys (no repeated key delay)
- *Improved: Reduce network traffic for repeated key transmission (data sent when key up rather than key press)
- *Improved: increase speed 200% of file transferring
- *Improved: File transfer protocol changed to prevent data overflow
- Improved: Error handling of missing xchat.ini and missing settings
- Improved: Support for all fonts to increase and decrease font size
- Improved: Better error handling and explanations
- Improved: Better Winsock error handling
- Improved: Better Winsock error handling during initial connection
- Improved: Away message in the screen is remove once remote user is back
- *Bug fixed: File transferring error in chat window, drawing board
- Bug fixed: Could not send first character immediately after the connection is established
- Bug fixed: Line thickness in drawing board is not send unless you change it
- Bug fixed: remote sound not send correctly
- Bug fixed: screen capture error
- Bug fixed: Program restart if disconnected abnormally
- Bug fixed: After disconnected, it may have problem to connect again
- Bug fixed: Encryption Key may not matched correctly
- Bug fixed: Encryption Key not sent properly if initial file does not exist
- Bug fixed: Could not send chat message correctly when file is transferring
- Bug fixed: Support Delete key

x Chat 2.7.6 Release (January 2003)
- Repackaged: Minimize the risk of not installing new file over previous version if it is a upgrade
- Improved: Enhance help files with updated information
- Improved: Extend 30 days trial version to 90 days

x Chat 2.7.6 Beta (July 2002)
- Bug Fixed: Infinite loop when you cancel startup password prompt
- Bug Fixed: Installer does not install files already exist even they are previous version
- Improved: Turn off default transparency appearance in W2K/XP
- Improved: Self repaired service for missing xchat.ini file
- Improved: Password overridden and hint

x Chat 2.7.5 Release (October 2001)
- Transparency Appearance W2K (New)
- Support customized Multilanguage (New) (Unicode code not supported)
- Support both improved White and Black list at the same time
- Customized menu & more preset instant messages (New)
- Improved connection messages
- Enhanced port error recovery 
- New Toolbar
- Improved White and Black List (support wildcard 192.168.0.* =>
- Bug fixed: Space/TAB character not sent
- Bug fixed: click Override more than once cause repeated double remote message
- Bug Fixed: Connect Timeout not working
- Bug Fixed: Sending file more than once my cause problem to send correctly; file may not sent correctly
- Bug Fixed: Encryption bug fixed
- Bug Fixed: URL History - URL and description not matched
- Bug Fixed: View on top may cover other property, option pages
- Removed: "Data Received" message 
- Removed: Freeware, It becomes now shareware and requires activation key after 30 days
- x Reader: Save reminder, find & replace, window maximize & font option bug fixed (New) 

x Chat 2.7 Release (2001)
- URL History (New)
- Enhanced Net View
- Enhanced AutoConnect / AutoNotify (New)
- Add Encryption windows (New)
- Override feature added
- Colour support for all windows
- Option: Repeated Key bug fixed

x Chat 2.5 Release (April 2000)
- Net View Network Tool (New)
- Net Resolve Tool
- Redesigned internal connect procedure
- Enable Encryption Session (New)
- Two Levels Password Protection (New)
- Auto Check Remote PC Online Status (New)
- Allow 3rd party program to launch x Chat
- Multi-Network Support
- Session Log
- Customized Attention Ring
- More Customable Features...

x Chat 2.0 (April 21, 1999 released)
- Spelling Error fixed
- Install.txt and Versions.txt added

x Chat 2.0 (April 19, 1999 released)
- Installation Bug fixed (Major bug)
- Connection bug fixed (Major bug)

x Chat 2.0 (April 18, 1999 released)
- Font Remote Setting. Change local font name, style & size, and show on remote user's screen
- Colour Remote Setting. Change local background colour, and show on remote user's screen
- Customized instant messages.
- Attention Bell. Ring to remote user to get his/her attention
- Support Copy and Paste.
- Support Drag and Drop. Drag a text to paste or drag a file to send to remote user
- Pause File Sending. Interrupt file sending and restore it at a later time, as long as the connection is active
- Web Check. Detect URL and open it in default browser
- Adjustable internal port setting. For using in a corporate system with firewall
- Save previous chat to file
- x Draw. A powerful whiteboard with screen capture and photo import
- x Reader. An additional program for reading two text files together and x Chat record

x Chat 1.3   (February 18, 1999 released) 
-Timing session
-Connect, disconnect signals
-More friendly error explanations
-Busy warning
-New toolbar interface, customized toolbar (Double Click)
-Remote IP bug

x Chat 1.2.5   (February 12, 1999 released) 
-Receiving bug fixed

x Chat 1.2.4   (February 9, 1999 released)
-Increase/reduce font size in toolbar

x Chat 1.2.3 (Bugs fixed)  (February 7, 1999 released) 
-Resize bug fixed (Major bug)
-Characters counter shown in the status bar
-Crash protected in most of the critical features
-More easy to connect
-Copy and Paste bugs fixed
-Auto refresh/check
-Friendly explanations in case of errors
-Stress tests: speed control, memory limit.

x Chat 1.2.2 (February 5, 1999 released)  1,396kb
-Customized Text / Background Remote Formatting Added
-Customized Ring Remote Formatting
-Customized Defined Instant Messages
-Improved Transmission Performance
-Refresh Button - Refresh if any data loss during transmission


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