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Quick Fixes

This section provides articles, links to the Internet & network problem, bug fixes. If there is a specific topic, it is included in the specific tools section.



Get quick access to maps, driving directions, and aerial views through Windows Live Toolbar.

Internet Browser Problems

Test your browser for online banking security (National Bank of Canada)

Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Explorer Script and Java Issues

How to Troubleshoot Java Problems in Internet Explorer

How to Troubleshoot Script Errors in Internet Explorer
Problem in the HTML source code, Active scripting , ActiveX controls or Java applets are blocked...

How to disable Internet Explorer 6 script error Popup

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP

My IE home page and search page have been hijacked

Running both MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger

Windows XP Common Issues Windows Messenger Uninstall-MSN Messenger

How to Prevent Windows Messenger from Running on a Windows XP-Based Computer

Disable Windows Messenger & MSN Messenger

Using Applications Behind Firewall

Using MSN Messenger Behind Firewall

Using Windows Messenger Behind Firewall

Using NetMeeting Behind Firewall

How to Use ICQ Behind a Firewall?

Determine Which Program Uses or Blocks Specific Transmission Control Protocol Ports in Windows

Manually Open Ports in Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP

Application Port List

Troubleshoot TCP/IP Problems

Windows XP SP2 Support Tools for Advanced Users (Not Service Pack 2)
The Support Tools is for advanced user to diagnose and resolve Windows XP problems.

  • Ipseccmd.exe tool to manage and monitor IPSec policies;
  • HTTPCfg.exe tool to set, delete, and query configuration information such as Namespace Reservation information, SSL Server Certificate information, and IP Listen List information for the HTTP drive;
  • Replmon.exe tools to view Active Directory replication, synchronization, and topology;
  • BITS Administration Utility is a command-line tool that controls the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) in Windows;
  • Netdom.exe tool to join a computer to a domain or to manage a computer account

Use TRACERT to Troubleshoot TCP-IP Problems in Windows
Tracert (Trace Router) - A DOS command in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP can send packet to each router to check the status until to the destination. You can use this utility to check large intranet or the Internet. Check the following for more detail. tracert



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Last modified: April 17, 2008

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