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3D & Animation Software

Ulead COOL 3D Production Studio

Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 allows designers to create high-impact 3D images. Output these 3D images as still graphics, animations, video or Macromedia Flash.

- PC Magazine 5 Stars Rating
- Software Award 2000
- UK PC Guide Magazine Rates 9/10

Effect3D Studio

Effect3D Studio gives you the power to create stunning 3D text objects simply by typing in your text. 3D text objects can be created using any font type installed on your system, giving you the ability to support any foreign language character set. We also provide you the ability to add up to 24 photo-realistic and non-photo realistic rendering style effects to your animations.

Intuitive graphical user interface:

  • Visual gallery based content for faster image creation
  • Real-time 3D preview window
  • Incremental editing, allowing the addition of many 3D objects in one scene

Over 700 high quality 3D objects:

  • Create 3D photo objects from your own digital photo collection
  • Import 3D objects from 3DS or SCX formats
  • Grow your 3D objects gallery by collecting your own 3D objects

Text to 3D object:

  • 12 different bevel settings
  • Adjustable width, height and depth
  • Animated text templates to create dynamic fonts

24 photo-realistic and non-photo realistic rendering style effects:

  • Real styles with PR effects
  • Each rendering style comes complete with extended parameter settings

Fully adjustable scene lighting:

  • Large gallery of useful preset lighting conditions
  • 4 individually controllable light sources including color, position & shadow
    Cast shadow and drop shadow options

Animation Gallery with over 70 categorized animation's:

  • Large gallery of standard animation sequences
  • Selected objects include embedded custom animation
  • Animated lighting effects
  • Flexibility with adjustable tempo, strength, frame rate, duration

Flexible output options:

  • File format support for: GIF animation, GIF, BMP, BMP sequence, JPG, JPG sequence, PRJ and SCX
  • Output size upto 800x600 pixels
  • Background transparency, color transparency

Web Effect Composer:

  • Interactive mouse effects including: mouseover, mousemove & mouseclick
    Artistic effects including: change image, shake image, glow, blur, alpha, wave
  • Image/photo slide show with transition effects and autoplay

Animation Composer:

  • Select only a portion of the imported animation sequence
  • Fade from one animation clip to another
  • Change animation tempo with frame rate adjustment

+ Effect3D Studio - FREE Trial Download

- As featured in CORPORATE MEDIA,
- ZDNet 5 of 5 Stars Rating
- WebAttack 5 of 5 Stars Rating



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Last modified: September 03, 2006

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