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Q: Why I have to register and pay for software?

By registering software, the authors could know how many people using their software and collect some feedbacks for further improvement of the service or product. 
Shareware is distributed for public use for testing. There is many on-going cost from the development, distribution and support service of software. If you like the software, you should pay a registration fee to support author. 

Q: How do I get activation key?

Activation key will be given to registered users or registered beta-tester. 

Q: Is the online payment secure?

Yes. Kagi is the company who deal with the payment. Please refer the following URL for detail. 

Q: What will I get after I register this software?

Once your registration is completed and verified by Kagi. You should get an email with activation key usually in 1 - 2 days. If you don't get the activation key more than 2 days, you could send an email with your program ID code and payment transaction ID to the following different email addresses - Email 1.

Q: Will I get a updated and next release free of charge after I register?

Yes, for the time being. Some conditions may be applied in future. Check download page for any alpha, beta update. The previous version will be replaced by a  new one.

Q: How many machine I can install x Chat?

You can install many copies of x Chat on many machines. However, an activation key only works for a copy only. 

Q: What if I reformat my PC? Do I need a new activation key?

Yes, just send an email with your program ID code and payment transaction ID to me. The only exception is THERE IS NO MORE THAN 2 REQUESTS FOR NEW ACTIVATION KEY IN A MONTH.

More Questions?
Send an email to either one of the addresses below. 
Email 1 

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