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Load at startup  -  Automatic load x Chat when Windows starts for all users.
(Registry Setting - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run)

Show tips at startup - Display hints to use x Chat effectively every time it starts.

Minimize at startup - Stay in system tray (Recommended associated with Load at Startup)

Do not show network info at startup - Do not try to connect to the Internet to resolve hostname.

Do Not Resolve Address Name - x Chat will try to check the hostname while connecting to remote computer. If you are not using fast connection and do not have DNS server setup properly, you can disable this feature to speed up a little bit. 

Save Toolbar Setting - When you change the font and/or background settings, it will be save when you exit.

Save Temporary Port Setting -  The temporary remote port will be save when you exit.

Confirm Exit - Prompt you to confirm every time the program exits.


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