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Always Locate Picture in The Center - In Picture Preview, no mater where you click, the picture is always in the center.

Do Not Hide Chat Window - When you open drawing board, the main chat window will not minimized. You can then have both chat and drawing board at the same time. This setting is for local only and have no effect for remote user, it is not recommended for novice user.

No Picture Error Message - It would not show corrupted or invalid picture error messages.

Do Not Check for Corrupted Picture - It won't check for corrupted jpg and gif pictures before opening it. If there is a non standard jpg or gif pictures you want to open, select this option.



When remote user send you a URL in text message or by 'drag and drop' or by 'cut and paste', x Chat will open the URL for you or save them in URL History.

URL Detection During Chat Session

- Prompt to browse the URL.
- Show URL History windows.
- When you enter a URL, it will add to URL History.
- When remote user enter a URL, it will add to URL History.


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