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Menu Settings

You could restrict user to access some features from the menu by removing them off the menu. Be careful if you select Tools or Options menu off, you have to edit xchat.ini to make it back on the menu. (Option Menu Off=0)

For example, if you remove URL History from the menu, URL History could not be display in the menu and also the tray menu.

Language Setting  

This program is designed to fit as many languages as possible, you could click the Select Language button and to create a new file to translate English to your language. However, not all languages would be supported. Instruction is inside the lang.txt file.


Thank for the following persons for translations.

Spanish 2.8 By Brain Naser
Roman 2.8 By Marton Bela
Portuguese 2.9 By Traduzido por Fernando

Volunteer Translator Required - All languages

Please send you file to w e b m a s t e r @ x s t u d i o . c a



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