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Voice (TTS)

TTS - Text to Speech. Enable remote user to hear what you type.

Disable All TTS

It disables all TTS features. The Speak feature is still working, however, for local computer only. There is no incoming or outgoing TTS signal to be compatible with previous version.

Disable Local Automatic TTS

Disable local TTS, you won't hear the voice after you press Enter. However, the outgoing TTS signal will still send to remote user.

Disable Remote Automatic and Manual TTS

Disable all incoming TTS no matter it is automatic or manual (Speak command).

Do Not Send Automatic TTS

Disable outgoing TTS signal after you press the Enter key.

Do Not Send Manual TTS

Disable outgoing TTS signal after you use the Speak command.


Adjust the volume of the voice.


Adjust the speed of the voice, word per minute.


Adjust the pitch of the voice.

TTS Engines

The TTS Engine for both remote user and local user. If remote user does not have the specific engine, the most closely engine would be used. You may install more TTS engines, however, only those compatible with Microsoft Agent technology could be used.

Language Support:

British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish are also support. Please download here. (Only Windows 2000/XP/2003 and up support Multilanguage.)


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